Super Tips for Geography board examination class 12

Before sharing any tips with you, let me first introduce this subject deeply so that you can get familiar with this subject . Geography is one of the subject which contains practicals too. The geography subject is divided into (70 + 30) marks . 70 marks for written exam and 30 for practicals . The 30 marks is further divided into (25 +5)marks . The 25 marks is for your written practical exam whereas remaining marks was given on the basis of your notebook and oral which is taken by an external examiner .

This is a very scoring subject i must say but on the other hand you can also loose a lot marks due to your small mistakes too . The 70 marks question paper contains 1, 3, and 5 marks questions along with 10 marks for maps . So, if you are ready with your maps fully , then 10 marks is surely on your bag. For obtaining the remaining marks few tips are given below :

Some important tips to score good marks in the board exam of geography (theory):

  • READ THOROUGHLY – The first step is to read your lessons thoroughly in the first go to get more relateable with the chapter that what is the chapter really about and what are the topics it covered under it . It will help you to get more relateable with the chapter and the topics covered under it.
  • UNDERSTANDING – In the next step, start to understand each and every topic under that chapter either by yourself or with the help of your teacher or through youtube lessons that is available online .
  • LEARNING TO GET VALUABLE POINTS – Next , start to learn the question and answers or extra questions or important questions from the examination point of view , you should also learn about the important topics from that chapter. This will help you to add more valuable and good terms + new words in your answers, which may prove very helpful to gain good score . Remember , that follow this step only after you assure that you understand the chapter well. You can also buy any reference book to get more important and previous years questions from the particular chapter.
  • MAP ARE GAME CHANGER – To score good marks in geography it is equally important to practice map on a very heavy note from both the books .So, before exam make sure that you have already practiced a good amount of previous years map from the board question paper. Maps contains 10 marks so if you get all of them right then it will prove lucky for you otherwise they may can be the game changer .
  • PREVIOUS YEARS QUESTIONS ARE KEY TO SCORE MORE GOOD RESULTS -Don’t forget to practice the previous years question paper to get the idea about the type of questions asked in the board and how much time you should allot in every question to complete the paper in time . If you cant practice on paper the previous years question paper due to whatever reasons , then atleast have a look on them thoroughly so that the paper in the examination hall unable to surprise you.
  • BE TO THE POINT – Always remember that be to the point in your answer rather than writing meaningless stories because if you unable to write to the point then your stories can’t give you marks .

**These are some five tips which i follow and it gives me fruitful results . I assure you that follow these steps properly and these steps won’t let you down or make you sad. **

For Practicals :

  1. For practicals their is one book by NCERT or you can buy SARASWATI PUBLICATION book which can help you for practical . Prepare the bar diagrams , pie chart , graphs , etc. very well to score full marks in practicals .
  2. Practice mean , median , mode related sums very well to avoid any numerical mistakes during exams .
  3. To score full marks in your practicals maintain your practical notebook or project well. Give extra effort and care to make your geography project because if you put your effort this year than the result in the end will definitely be on your side. This year is very vital , so don’t make any excuse and get to work .
  4. In oral examination , be full of confidence with whatever knowledge you have . Learn the important concepts from your practical book and give all your answers confidently . Try to be thorough with your lessons .

** So , these are some few tips for your practical , i hope you find these tips helpful . You can follow these steps to score good marks in your practicals **

This is my strategy and you may follow it if you like or try to make your own powerful strategy so that you can pass with flying colors in your 12 board exam .


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