Q1. What is meants by the cold war?(C.B.S.E 2014)

ANS- The term ”cold war” generally came into use for describing the situation in which war was not actually fought but a war like hysteria or as Nehru described a ”a brain war, a nerve war and a propaganda war” was kept in operation.


Cold war means war of nerves. It is not an actual war but a war in which the rival states try through all means ,short of an actual war, to gain supremacy at the cost of the other state.One state or bloc tries to gain power and prestige defeating the cause of rival states.

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Q2. List any four member countries of NATO.(C.B.S.E 2014)

  1. U.S.A

Q3.What is meant by the cuban missile crisis?(C.B.S.E 2016)

ANS- Nikita Khruschev , the leader of the USSR placed nuclear missiles in Cuba. The Soviet Union missiles were a threat to the USA. The US president JOHN F. KENNEDY and his advisors were determined to get KHRUSCHEV to remove the missiles and nuclear weapons from CUBA . A conflict between two big powers was imminent and this crisis was known as the CUBAN MISSILE CRISIS.

Q4.Whic two ideologies were involved in a conflict during the cold war era and why?(C.B.S.E 2016)

ANS- After the second world war ,cold war started between , U.S.A (capitalist) and the U.S.S.R. (communist). A cold war is a state of tension between countries in which each side adopts policies designed to strenghten itself and weaken the other , a line falling short of actual war.

Q5.What is meant by NON- ALIGNMENT?(C.B.S.E 2014)

ANS-The policy of non alignment is an independent policy. A nation by adopting it, can evade subordination of any power bloc and can easily form its opinion about any problem after thorough analysis. Non alignment stands for positive commitment to an independent foreign policy.

Q6. Mentions any two major military features of the cold war.(C.B.S.E 2010, 2014)

ANS- 1)US.A. and U.S.S.R both groups formed military alliances during cold war. 2) U.S.A and U.S.S.R , both are involved in military intervention in various countries.

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